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IT Consultations | Professional Networking | Security Solutions

In-Home/Office Computer


Identifying and fixing issues directly within your space to ensure your technology works seamlessly.

Diagnosis and Repair

Comprehensive analysis and repair of computer issues, ensuring optimal performance.

Hardware and Software Consulting and Installation

Expert advice and setup for both hardware components and software applications to meet your needs.

Peripheral Troubleshooting and Repair

Assistance with devices such as printers, scanners, and more, ensuring they work well with your system.

Network Consulting and Upgrades

Enhancing and securing your network for reliable connectivity and performance.

Home Security Consulting and Installations

Providing solutions to keep your home/small office safe and secure with the latest technology.

VOIP Consultations and Installation

Setting up Voice Over Internet Protocol systems for efficient communication.

Computer Upgrades

Updating your systems to improve speed, storage, and performance.

Data Recovery and Transfers

Safely moving data between devices or to new hardware.

Mobile Device Repair, Upgrades, and Transfers

Keeping your mobile technology up-to-date and functioning smoothly.

TV Troubleshooting, Installation, and Maintenance

Ensuring your home entertainment system is set up for optimal viewing.

WiFi Troubleshooting, Consultation, and Upgrade Installations

Enhancing your internet connectivity and speed across your home or small office.

Custom PC Building

Tailored computer builds to meet specific gaming, professional, or personal computing needs.


Implementing robust security measures to protect against online threats.

Malware Removal

Identifying and eliminating harmful software from devices to safeguard your data.

Home Movie Digitization

Converting old video tapes into digital formats, editing for clarity and organization, and assisting with cloud storage for easy sharing with family and friends.

Network Enhancements

Installing or upgrading network switches, wireless access points, and network cabling for improved home and business connectivity.

Hacking Recovery Assistance

Providing support and solutions when computers have been compromised.

Remote Computer Assistance

Offering help with software and hardware issues via remote access to your computer.

Email, Calendar, and Contacts Syncing

Assisting with the organization and synchronization of digital communication tools.

Backup Solutions Management

Ensuring valuable data on computers and mobile devices is securely backed up and easily recoverable.

Remote Network Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your network's performance and security remotely to preempt issues.

Technology Education and Tutorials

Offering personalized training sessions, particularly for seniors, to enhance tech literacy and confidence.

Cord-Cutting Assistance

Guiding clients through the transition from traditional cable to streaming services for a modern home entertainment setup.

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